Fund Texas’ Best Clean Air Program

The Texas Emissions Reduction Plan (TERP) should receive more than $250 million in funding each year to reduce air pollution in Texas. This is money that all Texans paid into the program when we bought and registered our cars.

There are two proposals in the legislature that would reduce funding for TERP. Both SB 1, the budget bill, and HB 4472 would take TERP money and give it to the Texas Department of Transportation to build highways.

Building highways does not reduce air pollution.

Please write your Texas state Senator now and tell them:

  • Do not agree to the House's version of HB 4472. Take the bill to conference committee and restore TERP funding.
  • In SB 1, the budget bill, do not use money collected for clean air programs to build more highways.

Time is running out to protect these programs that provide clean air to all Texans.

Email your Texas state Senator now and ask them to save funding for the Texas Emissions Reduction Plan.