Stop the Cassilly Cuts: Our Kids are Counting on You

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Whether you’re a Republican, Democrat, or neither, we all want every child to succeed no matter where they’re from, how much money their family has, or what they look like. Unfortunately, County Executive Bob Cassilly is playing to the extremes--proposing school budgets that slash funding from our classrooms. He is the first County Executive to give our schools less money than they got the year before--all while inflation is sending costs up.

Bob Cassilly's budget cuts $39 million from Harford County schools. For every $1 million cut, that puts 12 teaching positions at risk of layoff. Bob Cassilly's $39 million cut puts 468 teaching positions at risk. Bob Cassilly is prepared to cut 15% of the entire teaching workforce in Harford County Public Schools.

These cuts will take a wrecking ball to our neighborhood schools, and they punish hardworking educators. Each of these teaching positions is a dedicated educator who works in a program that directly supports our children. Harford County government has millions of dollars in reserve assets. The County is bringing in plenty of tax revenue. These painful cuts are totally unnecessary. Email your County Council member and ask them to lead. Find a way to restore these cuts.
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