George Washington University Must Condemn Antisemitism and Hate Speech

George Washington University Must Condemn Antisemitism and Hate Speech

Take action in support of Jewish students at George Washington University who have experienced discrimination and harassment from an Assistant Professor of Psychology, Lara Sheehi! It has been reported that Sheehi has made multiple antisemitic statements, created a hostile environment for Jewish and Israeli students, and retaliated against those who have raised concerns with the university administration.

Your voice can make a difference in ensuring that GWU remains a safe and inclusive campus for all students. We urge you to take action now and send this email (see text below) to the university's leadership. Let's stand with the Jewish students and make it clear that discrimination and hate will not be tolerated.

Thank you for your support.

To whom it may concern,

It has come to my attention that Lara Sheehi, Asst. Professor of Psychology at George Washington University has made multiple antisemitic statements and has created a hostile environment for Jews and Israelis alike in her classes. The students have often felt open discrimination by Sheehi. I’m sure that you are aware of these incidents, as many have filed complaints against her.
Examples of Sheehi's actions include:
- On the first day of classes last fall, Sheehi asked students in one of George Washington University’s required diversity courses to share their names and identities. When one student said she was born in Israel, Sheehi stated "It’s not your fault you were born in Israel," according to a classmate in attendance.
- Sheehi consistently harassed her Jewish students and then retaliated against them when they raised concerns with the administration.
- Sheehi accused the students of racism, encouraged classmates to demean and exclude them for their Jewish identity, and took disciplinary measures against them after they confronted her.
- Sheehi's social media was littered with antisemitic statements, where she slammed all Israelis as "fxcking racist" and declares that it is "so fxcking ridiculous how Zionism works".

I, therefore urge you to condemn antisemitism, and open a full and immediate investigation into all student complaints about antisemitism by Sheehi to ensure the safety of your students and that GWU remains a diverse campus.

Thank you!