Get Started! Convene the class size work group


Washington voters passed a law in 2014 mandating the state to lower class sizes. However, four years later, Washington students are still sitting in some of the most crowded classrooms in the country. Why? Because the Legislature put the voter-approved class size reductions on the back burner by repealing the phase-in dates of the initiative.

Instead, the law now requires the Superintendent of Public Instruction, Chris Reykdal, form a work group to make recommendations for the phase in of lower class sizes in grades 4 – 12. The work group members have yet to be identified, but we hope they include those most affected by large class sizes, including students, parents and educators. The work group has until December 2019 to complete its work. As of today, Superintendent Reykdal has yet to take action.

Once funded, smaller class sizes become a part of basic education, which means they can’t be de-funded for economic reasons. We believe students of all ages, backgrounds, and from all parts of the state deserve the opportunity for individualized instruction so they can learn and succeed in uncrowded classrooms. Join us in urging Superintendent Reykdal to convene the class size work group.

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