Give us the boosts!

I have written 4 different letters now in light of CDC ACIP & FDA VRBPAC being seemingly infiltrated by anti-vax orientations.

Please join me in writing to representatives to demand scientific and ethical access to vaccines. Not restricted based on total bs. Write your own letter, or use mine, use parts of it for your own, or use my form, or send it whatever way you would like to, such as directly to the White House.

Thanks, Chloe Humbert

Letter: (feel free to use or edit)

Americans need access to vaccine boosters more than once a year. And young people deserve protection.

Many people have risk factors. Many are walking around as yet undiagnosed with their high risk condition. They're forbidden to mask at work for lack of "underlying condition" - perhaps because of being uninsured or underinsured. Denied the vaccine. Perhaps even denied Paxlovid. This is preventable with a safe vaccine. Don't deny people The Tools!

Restricting the vaccine to the very old is anti-vax, bizarre, and nonsensical. Americans need access to vaccine boosters based on waning and efficacy not "simplification" or convenience. Vaccine policy should be based on science and protecting human lives, not the economy, PR concerns, or used as a political football.

Give us the boosts!

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Scranton, PA