Google needs to hear from you

Just a couple days ago, Google Express Workers, operated by Adecco, stood together and demanded better working conditions for themselves and all subcontracted workers who make tech what it is in Silicon Valley. 

Google Express workers filed for a union and joined the chorus of workers, community, faith and labor leaders calling on tech to do better through Silicon Valley Rising.

But now these workers need our help.

Join us in telling Google's Lazslo Bock that we need him to ensure his company respects the right of contract workers to organize. Google, as the primary company, has the power to ensure the process for these workers is fair and in no way compromised through intimidation and fear tactics towards the workers. As Bock recently stated on KQED on July 17, 2015, “Folks have a legal right to organize without fear of retaliation. And that’s a critical and important thing and we respect that. I mean, there would not and will not be retaliation.”

Let's make sure Bock and Google stay true to those words.

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