Write Your Representative About the Gosar Amendment


Late last week, 51 Republican members of Congress joined their Democratic colleagues in protecting workers' right to earn decent wages. They defeated changes to the Davis-Bacon Act, which ensures the protection of local community wage and benefit standards on federally-funded construction projects.

These standards have ensured the freedom of millions of workers to pursue the American Dream. The amendment, sponsored by Representative Paul Gosar (R-AZ) was soundly defeated by an overwhelming vote of 183-242.

Every SMART member who contacted their congressperson in opposition to the Gosar Amendment deserves credit for this victory. Every member will need to take action because there will be more challenges in the days and years ahead.  

We ask that you contact your member of Congress and let them know how important it is they vote the right way on this issue.  You can thank them or express your disappointment based on how they voted. Enter your zip code in the form to the right and your Member of Congress will be identified. You can use the existing text or add your own.  

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