Governor DeWine: It's Time to End Ohio's Death Penalty


In 2014 the Supreme Court Joint Task Force on the Administration of Ohio's Death Penalty made 56 recommendations* to increase the accuracy and fairness in the capital punishment system. To-date, neither the report as a whole nor the most substantive of these reform recommendations have been considered by the Ohio General Assembly.

Ohio's death penalty is broken beyond repair. When it comes to capital punishment in Ohio, it is up to Ohio Governor Mike DeWine to lead by calling on the Ohio General Assembly to either fix it or end it.

Please urge Governor DeWine to act now.

After you send your letter, you will receive an e-mail from Death Penalty Action with additional action opportunities related to this matter.

* There is one spot of good news. One of the 56 recommendations of the Task Force was to prohibit the execution of defendants who were severely mentally ill at the time of the crime has passed! Urge Governor DeWine to sign that bill immediately.

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