Governor Inslee: Keep us safe! Extend the Eviction Moratorium Without Adding Burden for Tenants

Once again, Washington's eviction moratorium is set to expire in a few short weeks. Studies have shown that evictions increase the spread of COVID-19, and evicting tenants during the coldest time of year is life threatening alone in many areas in Washington. As Covid-19 cases surge across the state, it is more important than ever before to pass a strong extension to the eviction moratorium, with no additional loopholes, to ensure all our neighbors are able to stay sheltered and emerge without insurmountable debt.

Landlord groups are pushing to weaken the eviction moratorium with additional loopholes based on speculation and stereotyping. We must stand strong against any changes that weaken the eviction moratorium and give landlords any more options to evict as the pandemic rages on. Experience shows that restrictions are applied arbitrarily and will disproportionately hurt BIPOC, immigrant and refugee and other vulnerable communities.

That is why we need you to join us in demanding that Governor Inslee and our Washington state representatives extend the moratorium through at least March 31, 2021. Tenants deserve assurance that we too will be able to stay home, stay healthy, and keep everyone safe.

Governor Inslee must use his leadership and call on the legislature to pass a permanent solution that includes debt forgiveness and rent relief, keeping people in their homes and prioritizing human life, health and safety. Remind him that tenants need these protections to remain housed and stay alive!

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