Halt Dangerous Radioactive Waste Proposals

Ask your Congressional Representative to demand that NRC halt licensing of proposed consolidated interim storage sites in Texas and New Mexico that would result in thousands of nuclear waste shipments across the country. In order to protect public health and safety, Congress  decided that licensing temporary facilities is illegal until a permanent repository is available to isolate the waste long-term, but bad bills would recklessly allow interim facilities to be built anyway.

These dangerous shipments would pass through 87% of Congressional districts, creating risks from accidents, leaks or sabotage.

The consolidated interim storage proposals would imperil communities of color who do not want this deadly waste, creating massive environmental injustice.

Building so-called "interim" storage sites would result in hauling dangerous, high-level nuclear waste all over the country twice. Once to the "interim" sites, then once again to a permanent site—if one is ever built.  Communities along the shipment routes to New Mexico and Texas could become the latest sacrifices zones to the nuclear industry. The "interim" sites could become de-facto permanent ground-level, open-air nuclear dumps.

We can’t allow this dangerous, high-level nuclear waste to be hauled around the country to storage sites that are not intended to permanently isolate it.

Tell your member of Congress you want the NRC to hold in-person, public meetings about radioactive waste proposals. Ask them to oppose unprecedented massive nuclear transport, and the illegal licensing of radioactive waste dumps in New Mexico and Texas.

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