Halt Dangerous Radioactive Waste Proposals

Ask your Congress Member to demand that NRC halt licensing of proposed nuclear waste dumps, called consolidated interim storage, at sites Texas and New Mexico. These proposals may result in thousands of shipments of nuclear waste across the country, unprecedented in magnitude.  In order to protect public health and safety, Congress has ruled that licensing "interim" facilities is illegal until a permanent repository is open, one that can literally isolate the waste from living things for a million years.  Bad proposed bills would recklessly allow interim facilities to be built anyway. If these plans get approved, radioactive shipments, mainly by rail, would pass through44 states and 87% of Congressional districts. Contamination could occur due to accidents, leaks or sabotage.

Consolidated interim storage would create massive environmental injustice, imperiling indigenous people and communities of color who do not want the nation's deadly nuclear waste dumped on them.

Tell your Congress Member to halt the illegal licensing of radioactive waste dumps in Texas and New Mexico, actively oppose bills that would support these projects and help make existing sites more secure.

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