Save Florida Public Schools!

CS/HB 1 would defund public schools, which are the overwhelming (85%) choice of parents.

  • Florida's current voucher scholarship program targets children from low-income families and children with disabilities, but CS/HB 1 would remove family income requirements so even millionaires would be eligible to raid the funds for their expensive private schools or homeschooling services at the expense of the state education budget.
  • Taxpayers should not be funding more voucher schools that are exempt from state rules regarding teacher qualifications, academic standards, and testing. This is not the way to solve our current education crisis.
  • 61% of students who go to voucher schools return to public school within 2 years. On average those students lose 1 year of learning after 2 years at a voucher school.
  • Over 85% of families choose to send their students to public schools.
  • Public schools serve all students, but 58% of voucher schools are religious and many discriminate against gay students and others with disabilities, different religions, and disadvantaged backgrounds. Though this is illegal, no one has stepped up to sue for such discrimination so such practices remain unchecked in Florida.
  • 90% - ALMOST ALL - public school students in Florida are suffering from a teacher deficit and large class sizes. We already have an education crisis on our hands, defunding public schools is going to devastate our public school system.
  • HB1 will cost our state upwards of $4 billion each year within 4 years, with a bulk of this coming from paying for homeschool and private school kids who never even enrolled in public schools (prelim. estimated). To put this in context -- the State University System's budget is $5.6 billion in TOTAL.
  • Furthermore, Democratic House Minority Leader Fentrice Driskell states, “This is school choice for schools and not for Florida’s families.”

Please contact Florida legislators and register your OPPOSITION to this bill that is designed to put a nail in the coffin of public education funding in Florida. All it takes is a few clicks.

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