Legislature Reduces Testing Time, Establishes a Testing Review Commission


Today's student testing craze has gone too far. Not only do state-mandated standardized tests waste time and money, they distract students from meaningful learning. Louisiana children should have access to unique classroom experiences that ignite a love of learning; instead, their teachers' creativity is oftentimes stifled due to pressure to prepare for tests.

In the final days of the 2017 Regular Session of the Louisiana Legislature, lawmakers passed two very important measures to address the student testing craze. One measure, HR 166, sponsored by Rep. Bernard Lebas, will establish a commission to survey, review and make recommendations regarding how much time spent on local and state testing and to what extent tests are duplicative or otherwise unnecessary. The other measure, sponsored by Rep. Polly Thomas, will limit testing on all standards-based assessments for public school students per school year to not more than 2% of the minimum number of instructional minutes per year.

Contact your lawmaker today, thank them for supporting these legislative measures and ask them to continue to support legislation to reduce standardized testing. We've provided a template letter for you which is available when you click the red "START WRITING" button on the ride-hand side of this page.

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