Hire Ombudspersons to protect and support congregate residents

Ask Mayor Lightfoot to protect the health and safety of residents in congregate care facilities.

From the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic (which is NOT over), advocates warned that people that live and work in congregate facilities (nursing homes and other institutions) had by far the highest chance to get Covid-19 and die.

Why did Mayor Lightfoot refuse to fully staff the department protecting health and safety of residents? (see WBEZ story here)

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Despite having $403 million in discretionary federal Covid relief funding, Mayor Lightfoot left the city's ombudsman program short-staffed - she refused to hire ombudspersons exactly when it was needed the most.  

Instead of hiring staff that would at least reduce the danger to those most likely to die, she sent $281 million of discretionary federal Covid relief funds to the Chicago Police Department.

This means that, not only did Mayor Lightfoot do nothing to get facility residents out of danger, she added to the danger.

More COVID relief money is coming from the Feds.

Send a letter to Mayor Lightfoot calling for the ombudsman program to be fully staffed, as a public program - immediately!

Facility residents depend on the 'Long Term Care Ombudsman' programs for help with a wide range of health, safety and abuse concerns. According to the US Dept of Justice: "all too often, we have found nursing home owners or operators who put profits over patients."