Hold Them Accountable

The actions of the Trump supporters on January 6th were undertaken by a relatively small and disorganized group.  However unsuccessful they may have been, the attempted coup revealed a police force that actively encouraged them and over 140 Republicans in congress who were willing to abet and incite a fascist coup.  The Democratic Socialists of America is supporting the resolution of Representative Cori Bush to push the Democratic party and Congress to condemn proto-fascist Republicans and remove them from power.

We need to unite to confront these legislators before they can lay the groundwork for better organized, more violent coup attempts in the future.  Take action now by sending a message to Senator Tammy Baldwin, Representative Gwen Moore, and Representative Ron Kind, the Democratic members of the Wisconsin Congressional delegation who have not already signed on to Representative Cori Bush's resolution

Join Madison Area DSA in taking action until Ron Johnson, Tom Tiffany and Scott Fitzgerald are removed from office!

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