Take Action Against Proposed PA Constitutional Amendments

Late on a Friday night, a week after they were supposed to have gone into recess, with little public notice, legislators passed an extreme package of amendments that would alter PA's Constitution. They don't want you to know what they did. The amendments would:

  • Create significant voter confusion by asking voters to affirm that Pennsylvania impose stricter age and residency requirements that are unquestionably in violation of federal law, including a voting age of 21 that directly violates the 26th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. It also affirms a 90 day residency requirement to vote in Pennsylvania, when it is actually 30 days, creating additional confusion. Publishing this unconstitutional language could result in people not exercising their right to vote based on misinformation.

  • Declare that the state constitution does not grant any right relating to abortion, and no right to public funding for the procedure.

  • Give the legislature power to stop any regulation with a simple majority that is not subject to governor signature or veto. This change would substantially alter the separation and balance of powers as defined in the Pennsylvania constitution.

  • Create additional voter ID requirements, restricting the types of ID required to vote in a state with an already strict voter ID law.

  • Require that elections be audited by the PA Auditor General, reinforcing a lack of trust in election administration at both the county and state levels.

  • Changes the selection process for Lieutenant Governor, taking power away from voters and allowing political parties to select nominees.  

Read LWVPA’s full statement on the proposed amendments here.

It’s time to hold our legislators accountable. Call them AND send a letter to tell them you are NOT HAPPY about this vote. Let them know your outrage. Our Constitution should not be used to ban rights, to expressly deny the right to an abortion, to take powers away from voters, to give more power to the legislature. This is a stunning lack of transparency and very bad policy. Enter your information on the right to hold our legislature accountable for their actions.