#iobject: A Conscientious Objector Campaign

The United States has practiced war for over 200 years, but we're not any closer to achieving peace. It's time to try something else. Let's wage peace.

A conscientious objector is someone opposed to serving in the armed forces and/or bearing arms on the grounds of moral, ethical, or religious principles. Today, all conscientious objectors are still required to register with the U.S. selective service system, and conscientious objection is not a choice on the registration form. Conscientious objectors have to go through a lengthy and uncertain appeal process to stake their claim for opting out of military service.

Click the red "Start Writing" button to sign the Conscientious Objector pledge to opt out of military service if you are called upon to do so by the selective service draft. Public, written documentation of your conscientious objection (CO) will increase your chances of being granted CO status by the selective service board.

When you sign the pledge as a conscientious objector, your pledge will also be submitted to your members of Congress.

We're urging Congress to:

  1. End required selective service (draft) registration for men.
  2. Do not begin requiring that women register.
  3. If not ended, allow the choice of registering as a conscientious objector.

To find out more about CO status, visit:
GI Rights Hotline
The Center on Conscience & War
U.S. Selective Service System

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