IMMEDIATE CALL TO ACTION HB558 - Stop the Biogas Greenwash!

This very nefarious bill, HB558 will be voted on by the full House of Delegates either Monday or Tuesday. While this bill will likely pass, let's make sure we hold every legislator accountable.

A reminder of just how BAD this bill is…It would allow gas companies to develop pipelines to collect methane gas generated at concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs). While we agree that methane should be recovered from landfills & sewage treatment facilities, we oppose monetizing methane produced at CAFOs.

The outrageous polluting practices by CAFOs which result in leakage of animal effluent from massive sludge ponds into groundwater and rivers, in addition to generating air pollution should not be promoted. By failing to exclude CAFOs from the definition of acceptable biogas, this bill actually incentivizes the expansion of production of methane at CAFOs. Worse, the bill requires no demonstrable reduction of methane emissions.

HB558 is a ratepayer's nightmare. It not only provides for full cost recovery and allowable profit on every conceivable aspect of a specific project, it allows the gas companies to charge an additional 100 basis points to the cost of equity. In short, the gas industry is hijacking "emissions reductions" to justify tens of millions in increased ratepayer costs without any demonstration that methane emissions are reduced due to the investment.

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