Immigrant Families Can’t Wait: We Need Wage Replacement Now!

Felix Quintana

California's state leaders have made an empty promise to our immigrant communities - offering to include everyone in our safety net - while undocumented workers have lost more jobs than any other group and are struggling to feed and shelter their loved ones every day.

Undocumented Californians care for our neighbors, nourish our families, and sew the fabric of our communities together - but our Governor and state leaders have continued to cut them out from the weekly wage replacement that everyone needs to stay safe and recover from this pandemic.

When immigrant families go hungry, our whole state is malnourished! Email California state leaders TODAY to say:

  • No more empty promises and empty plates!
  • Immigrant families can’t afford to wait!
  • We need a #SafetyNet4AllofUs starting with #WageReplacement for California's working families, regardless of immigration status!

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