The People's Budget Supports Comprehensive Immigration Reform and a Just Border Policy


Not one penny for millionaires and billionaires and wealthy corporations who make incredible profits from the mass incarceration of immigrants in for-profit detention centers, the destruction of families and the racial injustice it creates. Not one penny for a wall and not tax dollars for raids on sensitive locations such as churches, hospitals and schools.

For years, we have spent exorbitant amounts of money on border enforcement without thoughtful consideration of our current economic and security needs, including impacts on border communities.

The People's Budget provides funding for enhanced oversight, accountability and transparency in all aspects of border enforcement, including privacy protections, an end to racial and other profiling, and fundamental reform of Customs and Border Control (CBP) detention facilities. It ends funding for family detention centers that act as a misguided effort to deter Central American families and children fleeing violence from coming to the United States and prohibits detention quotas.

Our country needs an immigration system that honors our values of inclusion, diversity and equality. Today’s outdated immigration laws have failed workers, families, businesses and increasingly, our nation’s immigrants. Employers are unable to hire the workers they need. Immigrant workers are exploited. Families trying to reunite legally are separated for many years, and millions of individuals are forced to live in the shadows.

The CPC Budget adopts comprehensive immigration reform, which will generate substantial economic benefits. It’s the humane and fiscally responsible solution. The People’s Budget helps immigrants integrate into American society and participate in the economy by becoming entrepreneurs, small business owners, innovators and future job creators.

A recent report from the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) found that comprehensive immigration reform would reduce the federal budget deficit by $197 billion over the next decade and $700 billion over the next 20 years. Comprehensive immigration reform will build a stronger society and economy. The time for reform is now.

The CPC Budget opposes any immigration policies which seek to ban people from entering our country because of their religion. Therefore, The People’s Budget explicitly prohibits funding to the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Agency to implement President Trump’s executive order banning entry into the U.S. from six Muslim-majority nations and suspension of U.S. refugee programs.

The CPC Budget believes no funding shall be used to expand President Trump’s border wall and no taxpayer dollars shall be used to conduct immigration raids at sensitive locations, including schools, religious institutions, courthouses, domestic violence shelters, homeless shelters, hospitals and health clinics, community centers, and workplaces with active disputes between workers and management.

The Congressional Progressive Caucus stands with sanctuary cities and does not support eliminating federal funding for jurisdictions considered sanctuary cities or counties. Finally, The People’s Budget states the rights of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) recipients must be protected.