Inclusive Prosperity


RESIST THIS: Any sense of surprise we ever had has been removed about the motivations behind the Trumpublican effort to protect and enrich the wealthiest class of Americans at the expense of all of the rest of us. The latest assault on middle and working class people and the poor comes in the area of tax policy. What makes it even worse is that the tax reform put forward by Paul Ryan and his minions in the House Is being sold as helpful to every American when in fact it would add financial burdens to the majority of us and to the federal deficit as well. This House bill must be resisted as fiercely as we have all resisted every Trumpublican attack on equity and decency.

Keith Ellison put it this way: "(The) Trump tax bill is an attack on jobs in U.S. because it lowers US taxes on foreign income to a minimum, encouraging US firms to off-shore." So no matter how many times we are told differently by Trump and the Republicans who cannot seem to break rank with him long enough to truly represent all of their constituents, the House tax reform bill needs to be defeated.

INSIST ON THIS: There are tax measures that will move our economy forward in a stronger, more equitable manner, and that will provide solid sources of revenue to help fund a more equitable federal government for all of us. Sen. Sanders and Rep. Ellison introduced legislation that would raise billions to invest in our economy by taxing Wall Street financial transactions. The Inclusive Prosperity Act (H.R. 1144/S. 805) would tax the sale of stocks, bonds and derivatives. The tax imposed will be 0.5 percent on stocks, 0.1 percent on bonds, and 0.005 percent on derivatives or other investments.