Internet Freedom


Act now! Tell Congress to keep the Internet free by protecting Net Neutrality!

The highly respected independent publication Consumer Reports announced that a “survey shows that a majority of Americans favor net neutrality rules that prevent internet service providers (ISPs) from blocking lawful online content. The results come as pro-consumer groups hold a ‘Day of Advocacy’ on Wednesday, urging legislators in Washington, D.C., to support such rules.”

As Consumer Reports explains, “the next step for net neutrality lies with the Federal Communications Commission, which received nearly 22 million comments this summer on a proposed plan to undo existing net neutrality rules. The principle of network neutrality assumes all internet traffic should be delivered to consumers the same way, regardless of whether an internet service provider has a financial stake in favoring content from one provider over another.”

This situation is coming to a head now, as the FCC is moving to reverse “current rules [that] were enacted by the FCC under former chairman Tom Wheeler [currently] bar internet service providers (ISPs) such as Comcast and Verizon from taking actions such as blocking web content from their competitors or entering ‘paid prioritization’ deals in which some online companies would pay to get their content delivered faster.”

As Consumer Reports relates, “Earlier this year, a revamped FCC, now headed by Chairman Ajit Pai, proposed undoing the classification of internet providers as ‘common carriers’ under Title II of the Communications Act. That would strip the FCC of the authority to keep ISPs from blocking, throttling, or entering paid prioritization deals for content.”

Congress will have the final say over this policy. Tell your Senators and Representative to preserve freedom online.