Tell your State Reps: Your Vote on Safe Staffing Matters on Nov. 3rd!

The need for safe staffing in Rhode Island nursing homes could not be greater. Staffing has been at crisis levels for years and now COVID-19 cases are again on the rise. Recently, the RI House of Representatives had a historic chance to pass safe staffing once and for all. Instead it opted to create a meaningless commission dominated by employers to “study” short staffing. Worse, it not only gave no public notice before holding the vote, it did a voice vote to hide the identity of all who supported it.

One thing is certain - we don’t need another study to tell short staffing is real, we need urgent solutions NOW. We need to hold our elected officials accountable to either siding with caregivers and residents or pandering to profit-hungry industry executives.

Send a letter to your Reps TODAY - tell them you are a registered vote that cares deeply about nursing home staffing. Tell them their vote on safe staffing will determine how you vote in November!

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