Press Congress to Save Palestinian Schools

The Government of Israel has issued full or partial demolition orders against 58 Palestinian Schools in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. Since the UN reporting on this, one has been demolished, another community has been completely displaced and the crisis has only continued to escalate.

Your Senator and your Representative have the power to intervene to keep Palestinian Elementary Schools standing—but they won’t unless constituents are asking.

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UPDATE: May 22, 2023: Ein Samiya School near Ramallah was at high risk of demolition because Israel's High Court refused their 4th appeal and put them on notice that demolition can begin any time after May 7th. These demolition orders for the only accessible elementary school, alongside the relentless barrage of harassment, violence, vandalism, and theft of their sheep from nearby Israeli settlers and the Israeli army coercively displaced the community — after 40 years in that valley, the families left their land on May 22nd.

UPDATE: May 7, 2023: Jubb Al Dhib Elementary School near Bethlehem was demolished in the early hours of May 7th by order of the Jerusalem District Court, petitioned by a settler group. The children returned to school the next day, learning in tents. On May 10th, the Israeli Army returned and confiscated the tents, desks, and playground.

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