Kansas Antique Tag Law House Bill # 2165

Kansas Antique Tag House Bill

We need your help in contacting our Kansas State Senators on changing the existing Antique Tag Law.

Every year a new vehicle year is added to the 35-year-old list of approved vehicles to display the state-issued Kansas Antique Tag or a Kansas Vintage State Issued Original Tag. As it is written today to qualify as an Antique Tag the vehicle must be as close to the original as possible, without any significant alternations to the major component parts (motor, transmission, frame, wheels AND tires or body).

We believe that the existing law is a potential safety concern for roadworthiness and a financial burden to the classic car community, local businesses and possibly to the State of Kansas. Vintage vehicle owners are very particular about their vehicles and believe that upgrading and/or improving on components or equipment installed on the vehicle will not only benefit the Saftey needs of a vehicle aged over 35-years-old but the longevity to preserve the heritage of the Antique Vehicle Community in the State of Kansas.

At this time 80-90 percent of the Kansas Antique Tags and vehicles are in violation due to this existing law. State Law Enforcement Officers are heavily enforcing the existing law based on the owners updated components and/or equipment installed on the vehicle instead of the year of the vehicle. I hope the vintage vehicle community can count on your support to change the existing law by putting the focus back on the year of the vehicle and not the components or equipment installed on the vehicle.

Additional, Vehicles older than 35 years of age aren’t required to claim or display mileage due to the age of the vehicles.

This is a Safety Concern and Not A Financial Concern.

Thank for taking the time to support the Antique Vehicle Community.

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