Keep the Israeli Government out of BC schools!

Tell the Minister of Education, the Premier of BC and the BCTF to Stop the Israeli Government's encroachment over BC Schools!

Send a letter to the Premier of BC, Minister of Education, and the BCTF exec expressing your concern about their inaction and silence on what media companies and representatives of Israel are writing about BC’s system of Public Education.

Call for the BCTF, the Minister of Education, and Premier of BC to separately, immediately, and clearly release statements that:

1. Call out allegations made by the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs (CIJA) against BC Public Schools as false.

2. Send a letter to the editor of the Globe and Mail demanding the retraction of an inflammatory and egregiously false article about the BC Curriculum.

3. Affirm that no prejudice, including Anti-Palestinian Racism has any place in BC Schools, public media or our society.

4. Commit to the public that no more private meetings and negotiations between the Ministry of Education / BCTF and Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs (CIJA) and its affiliated groups will take place without the presence of Canadian groups such as Independent Jewish Voices and / or the Jewish Faculty Network.

NOTE: you can edit the exact contents of the letter to language that resonates for you.

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