Emergency in Palestine: urge your Senators and Rep to go there in March

When Rebuilding Alliance brought Eid Jahalin, the spokesperson for Khan Al Ahmar to Washington DC to walk the halls of Congress, the best advice we got is this: Take Congress there NOW.

Please invite your Senators and Representatives to join Rebuilding Alliance's Leadership Learning Mission to the West Bank, Jerusalem, and Israel, March 15-23rd.  

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The goals of this trip will be to:

1). Visit Palestinian villages of Khan al Ahmar, Susiya, and Al Aqaba to stop the demolitions and assure Palestinian planning rights. Discuss how to safeguard the 12,500 Palestinian homes, schools, barns, and water systems currently under demolition orders;

2). Visit the Israeli court where Palestinian children are tried with a 95% conviction rate and meet with parents of and attorneys for the children;

3). Meet with and encourage Palestinians and Israeli who are already working to secure human rights and bring about justice and peace, and recognize their efforts;

4). Visit East Jerusalem and the Shuafat Refugee Camp to see what US Funding cuts mean.

If you yourself are interested in joining, please fill out this application form.

Letter Campaign by
Donna Baranski-Walker
Redwood City, United Kingdom
Sponsored by
Hillsborough, CA