Let the Oakland City Council Know that You Support All-Electric New Buildings

Speak up to support all-electric new buildings in Oakland

The Oakland City Council will vote to adopt the “All-Electric Construction In Newly Constructed Buildings" reach code at their December 1, 2020 City Council meeting. They need to hear from you to make sure this happens. Oakland will join Berkeley, San Jose and 39 other cities in the Bay Area and beyond by taking this important step for cleaner air and reduced greenhouse gases. To view the proposed ordinance click here.

Make sure this ordinance passes

The Mayor and Councilmembers Kalb and Fortunato-Bas have joined to co-sponsor this ordinance, which is great news!  Let's make sure the whole council know we support this.  All-electric buildings will cost less and pollute less. And new induction stoves are cleaner, safer, and easier to cook with than gas. This is a win-win-win for Oakland. We need you as a resident of Oakland to raise your voice to urge the City Council to pass the “All-Electric Construction In Newly Constructed Buildings" reach code in order take strong action on climate change and for public health. Please fill in your return address and send your letter now! (See Top Right) This will also link to council member phone numbers and with details on how to comment at the hearing on December 1.