Live Work Spend


Live Work Spend

The success of Empire Outlets and the ongoing development on the St. George waterfront is a clear indicator of how local jobs going to residents improves the community and raises the standard of living for all. These jobs are just the beginning of a long list of new projects taking shape on the island. According to the Economic Development Center’s website, some other projects include the future extensive work on the New Stapleton Waterfront to “activate and expand an underutilized waterfront,” converting a 45-acre historic site into a senior targeted residential community called Landmark Colony, and the restoration of the Sea View Hospital Campus. But the development doesn’t end there. With massive retail projects such as the Boulevard Mall slated to commence soon and the Bay Street rezoning going through ULURP, we will appreciate your advocacy in ensuring these jobs bring sustainable income and good benefits to the hard-working families of Staten Island.

Where local communities and local unions have worked together, Staten Island residents have prospered. Please keep in mind that every dollar spent in construction is an opportunity to invest in the community by hiring trustworthy contractors and developers. As highlighted with Empire Outlets and the New York Wheel, hundreds of North Shore residents were accepted into union apprenticeships programs and have been able to provide an improved standard of living for their families. Let’s make this the standard across all projects taking place in the borough.

These high-end projects generate a lot of construction jobs that in turn benefit constituents throughout the project and after its completion. From the moment it breaks ground, to the moment its doors open, at no point should any consideration to the community be forgotten.

We ask that you help amplify this message and make sure developers are doing right by the community. We need developers to commit to hire contractors who, in turn, would hire residents for jobs that pay good wages with health insurance, retirement security, and investments in training and education. Let's put Staten Islanders to work!