TIME-SENSITIVE: Ask your House & Senate offices to Keep >1200 Palestinian families Safe in their Homes

After 23 years, the wait is over. Because Israel's High Court has made their position clear, the U.S. can no longer simply ask both groups to forestall actions that damage prospects for peace. That won't be enough to prevent the expulsion from their homes of about 1,000 Palestinian residents of Masafer Yatta, in the southeast West Bank in Military Firing Zone 918 and another 30 Palestinian families in Al Aqaba in Firing Zone 900. Because this strategy has worked in the past, Rebuilding Alliance is now sending a letter from Masafer Yatta's attorney, at her request, to Congressional offices to forward to the Israeli Embassy. They've assured us Congress will receive an answer.

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In Firing Zone 900, the village of Al Aqaba faces mass demolitions based on a High Court decision that is a Catch 22. Al Aqaba’s lawyer requested an injunction against any and all demolitions and called for the village to be removed from Firing Zone 900. The Government of Israel respond on June 1st, the lawyer will reply, then the Court will decide. Email Congress now and ask them to protect Palestinian homes - no firing zones in Palestinian towns and villages, no demolitions, and strengthen American private investment in partnership with Palestinian housing associations.

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