MASC Legislative Co-Sponsor Drive

No one is ever sentenced to solitary confinement in Massachusetts, and yet countless people are subjected to this torture and suffer lasting psychological damage as a result. The reforms promised by the 2018 Criminal Justice Reform Act have yet to be fully implemented. In fact,  more people are in lockdown and isolation than ever before.

This is why we need this legislation passed now. In response to the Falcon Report, the DOC acknowledges that solitary confinement cannot continue and announced that they plan to end solitary within three years. We need this legislation passed now in order to avoid what occurred with the CJRA. The mandates need to be clear and codified into law.

The 2020 Dept. of Justice Report on the DOC clearly documents the abuse inflicted on people on Mental Health Watch. Take action today! Urge your state legislators to co-sponsor S.1578/H.2504, An Act to provide criminal justice reform protections to all prisoners in segregated confinement (fact Sheet). As well as S.1283/H2089, An Act to ensure the constitutional rights and human dignity of prisoners on mental health watch (fact sheet).