Massachusetts Legislators: Fund Our Future - Now More Than Ever!


The COVID-19 pandemic and economic shutdown have hit Massachusetts students and families hard, and Fall River is no exception. We are all nervously waiting to find out how much Chapter 70 funding we will receive from the State. The District has had to scrap the plan to use Student Opportunity Act money to add 140 much-needed new positions. And while the School Committee has said they will try to maintain level services, there is no doubt we will see the loss of valuable resources. There has to be a better way.

During this pandemic, many of the super-rich have gotten even richer. The net worth of 16 of 17 billionaires in Massachusetts increased by $11 billion between March 18 and May 19, while the recession was heating up. Some of that money should be used to help communities, to fund education, and to protect the economy.  

The state is projecting a revenue shortfall of up to $6 billion.  The Legislature has the power to explore alternatives to cuts through progressive revenue sources. We need to fund the State’s Student Opportunity Act and we need to pass the Federal Heroes Act to ensure our schools have the resources they need and deserve. Please act today. Tell your State and Federal Legislators that now- more than ever- we need to fund our schools