MICAH's 3rd Annual Public Meeting

In the midst of MICAH’s 3rd Annual Public Meeting, “Getting into Good Trouble,” you heard multiple calls for support and action directed toward our public officials and candidates for public office. In previous meetings, held in person, our public officials/candidates were able to see by our presence in the room how many of us cared about the issues lifted up in the meeting. Since we can’t safely show our support that way, we’d like you to let them know you were “in the room” by sending this letter of support. It will go to the relevant public officials with decision-making authority in the issues raised in the Public Meeting.

Keep in mind: this letter is only a first step in our work to further these issues. Keep an eye on the www.micahmemphis.org/goodtrouble site for next steps, including more targeted letters tailored to each official, community events, and other actions to move us closer to justice. Stay tuned, and thank you for getting into some “good trouble” with MICAH!

Letter Campaign by
Meggan Kiel
Memphis, Tennessee