Keep Emergency Paid Sick Time Moving!


Great news! Emergency Paid Sick Time has been reported favorably out of the Labor and Workforce Development committee! The next stop for our Emergency Paid Sick Time legislation is the Ways and Means committee of both the Senate and House of Representatives.

For activists, community groups, and grassroots organizations like us that means it is time we reignite the urgency for Emergency Paid Sick Time on Beacon Hill. Like COVID-19 itself, the need for this legislation never went away but now is our window of opportunity for movement on beacon hill. Massachusetts’ COVID-19 case numbers have risen over the past few weeks, so it is essential that all workers have the ability to stay home if they are sick or may have been infected.

Please take two minutes to email your State Representative and State Senator right away! Personalize your letter if you can - one or two sentences of your personal reason for championing this legislation or how it would impact your life makes a monumental difference.

Once you’ve sent the email, be sure to share the campaign on social media or with your friends and family using the buttons, tools, and links that pop up on your screen!

While we continue to collectively battle this pandemic, we must remember that the only way we are going to win is together. We must protect and advocate for one another - that’s what this legislation is all about!

Interested in sharing more content and helping us digitally organize to win this campaign? Please email for more information and we’ll send you the link to our digital organizing essentials!

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