No Conflicts in the Cabinet: Oppose Tom Price for HHS and Vincent Viola for Army Secretary

Trump has nominated Representative Tom Price for Secretary of Health and Human Services. But Price is beholden to the health care industry, who are his biggest donor base. Worse still, a recent WSJ report shows that he has no problem profiting off of his access: he traded more than $300,000 shares of health-related companies while he served on Committees that oversee health care, and moved legislation that impacts this industry.  

To make matters worse, Trump has nominated yet another person with massive stock-based conflicts. Vincent Viola, a billionaire owner of a high-frequency trading firm, has been chosed as the nominee for Army Secretary. Inexplicably, Viola has told the media that he will not sell his ownership in this firm, even though the Army Secretary is privy to an astonishing amount of sensitive, market-moving information.

The heads of key cabinet positions must not profit off of the information they are entrusted with. Tell your Senators to reject Price and Viola for the Cabinet.

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