Barriers and Barricades

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

For over two years hundreds of concerned residents of Jackson Heights in Queens have attended numerous community board meetings and presentations by NYC Department of Transportation (DOT) regarding several projects which directly affect us all as residents and members of this community. We have also met with local leaders in order to advocate for equal treatment but more importantly we have fought and demanded that our voices be heard and unfortunately, we continue to be ignored.  

The DOT in "partnership" with the Coalition and especial interest groups have taking over 26 city blocks for the sole purpose of benefiting the privileged few who have decided to convert 34th Avenue into their private park (Paseo Park).  

The DOT has completed their dangerous plazas on the avenue from 77th Street to 80th Street as they continue to build their “Paseo Park”. They have eliminated numerous parking spaces on 78th Street between 34th and 35th Avenue in order to make the street a two-way street and NO parking is allowed. This is just the beginning as the DOT takes over 34th Avenue eliminating parking and denying true access to seniors and the disabled.

These dangerous plazas put our lives at risk since emergency response vehicles such as ambulances and fire trucks cannot access the avenue due to the huge concrete boulders that have been placed throughout the avenue for the sole purpose of preventing private vehicles from using our public streets.  

Please sign this letter which will be delivered to our local politicians and local leaders so we can address this dangerous and hazardous conditions. The DOT and Coalition have forced these changes without any community input in what we believe to be a serious matter which directly affects our quality of life.

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