No Service Desert !


"Food Desert" is more than lack of grocery stores.  

Over community protest, the Rauner administration created yet another obstacle for low income families, people with disabilities, seniors and immigrants seeking food, medicine, and other public services - by removing the IL Human Services office serving the areas around Uptown/Edgewater/Rogers Park. Now the nearest 'local' office is way across town, with poor public transit access.

Pressed by advocates, state legislators claimed they strongly opposed removing this office from their districts, but the Rauner administration just wouldn't listen.

Now we have a new governor coming in, and state Sen. Heather Steans (whose district lost this service office) chairs one of the Pritzker transition teams. She and other North Side legislators are now in the position to insist that people in and around her district get a fully staffed, decent, accessible IL Human Services office - and get access to the food, medicine and other benefits they deserve.

Write to your state legislators today!