No Tax Cuts for the Rich!

We are asking all Georgians to register opposition to HB 949. The rich should not get a break when poor and working people are suffering! On the next page, you can customize the text of this letter:

I am writing to ask you to oppose House Bill 949 because HB949 will put in place a tax cut that disproportionately benefits the rich. 90% of the tax cut would go to those who make six figure incomes and higher, while 538,000 low- and middle-income households will actually get hit with a tax increase. This is absurd!

HB949 will reduce state revenue by $383 million at a time when the state has no money to spare. We are battling a pandemic! We don’t have enough PPE for health care workers, our essential workers don’t make a living wage, we don’t have enough COVID-19 test kits, and people are suffering.

As Kemp has now asked all state agencies to cut 14% from their budgets, HB949 is especially obscene. For example, the University System of Georgia (USG), which previously announced anticipated losses of $350 million, is now required to cut over $361 million from their budget- which will more than double its already devastating losses. Reducing state revenue through tax breaks to the rich at a time when state agencies are so severely struggling is a terrible and amoral decision.

Also, if HB949 is blocked, the tax revenue received can be applied to help our most vulnerable workers in this precarious economic environment. Kemp’s proposed $1000 pay hike for full-time state employees making under $40,000 a year MUST remain in the budget, and this could be supported by NOT decreasing taxes for six figure earners.

HB949 is irresponsible and will ultimately harm Georgians everywhere. If we can’t get this pandemic under control, we will all suffer more. Health care workers and essential employees risk their lives every day; we cannot cut their support right now. It is clear why a majority of Georgia residents oppose HB949. Stand with your hard-working constituents, stand up for those who deserve so much more, oppose HB949.

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