I Support Portland City Laborers - NO To Mayor Wheeler's Costly Political Stunts!

The Portland City Laborers' Strike ended on February 6, 2023. Today, Portland City Laborers have not received full payment on these bargained contract improvements. The contract Portland City Laborers won last February represents critical acknowledgments of the labor that makes the City work. Our bargained victory and its long-delayed implementation by the City impacts the integrity of hundreds of working families, whose economic victories undeniably set a precedent for all other workers in our city.

With Mayor Wheeler's present 11th-hour amendments to his proposed FY 2023-2024 budget, these hasty rate reductions threaten to lay off the very workers who won these important improvements - before the benefits have even been fully realized. The BES & PBOT budgets are tightly constructed and rely on minimal increases to rates. History tells us that management targets labor first to make up budget shortfalls.

Together, we say NO.

  • NO to the penny-wise and pound-foolish missteps of Mayor Wheeler.
  • NO to political theater.
  • NO to short-sighted band aids on issues that the Mayor has long ignored until his re-election came into focus.
  • NO to rate reductions that do nothing for working Portlanders and those on fixed incomes - only businesses.
  • NO to reductions that will cost Portland residents more in the long-term.
  • NO to continued disrespect of Portland City Laborers.


Sign today to stand with Laborers' Local 483, Portland City Laborers, and the District Council of Trade Unions!

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