Ohio Redistricting Commission, Get to Work!

Drawing new congressional districts is a critically important task that happens only once every ten years. Sadly, those entrusted with creating a fair, bipartisan congressional map for Ohio have failed to step up.

The Ohio Redistricting Commission has refused to publicly meet to begin crafting Ohio’s new congressional districts before their constitutional deadline of October 31. We are a handful of days from the deadline and there has been nothing - no maps, no hearings, just finger pointing and empty excuses.

Send an email to the Commission members today to tell them to get to work! Their obstruction of the process is an affront to the millions of Ohioans who collected signatures and voted for a voter-focused, transparent process for creating bipartisan congressional maps.

Remind the Commission that we’re not going away: we will continue to hold their feet to the fire to demand they deliver on the promises they made to us in 2018. Our message is simple: DO YOUR JOB! MAKE FAIR MAPS NOW!

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