PA lawmakers must oppose SB 1198: Our children are more than test scores & our schools are more than a number

Anti-public education lawmakers are attempting to hijack our children’s public school evaluation and accountability system in order to emphasize standardized testing and reduce our students  to test scores and our schools to a number.

These lawmakers want to guarantee that under-resourced schools will be labeled publicly as failing in order to justify punitive interventions, such turning schools over to private charter school operators or implementing new private/religious school voucher schemes.

Pennsylvania is on the cusp of de-emphasizing standardized testing and ending the practice of labeling schools with a single number based on student test scores. PA had a plan approved by the federal government to stop using the SPP to publicly label schools and instead use the Future Ready PA Index, a system that provides parents with a dashboard approach that contains significant and meaningful information about student opportunities, achievement.

With Senate Bill 1198, anti-public education lawmakers in Harrisburg are attempting to derail this plan.

Senate Bill 1198 would:

1.      Continue to publicly label schools as successful or failing with the Student Performance Profile (SPP), which is based primarily on students’ standardized test scores.

2.       Give state lawmakers power to micromanage changes to PA’s federal accountability plan.

Lawmakers say that they support Pennsylvanians who oppose an overemphasis of standardized testing in our schools. We need them to stand with us and oppose SB 1198, which would continue to use the School Performance Profile to publicly label schools.

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Ed Voters
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
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