Bristol Council propose to 'Warehouse Disabled people' whose care costs are too high

The image features an illustration in a bold red and blue color scheme showing a large group of disabled people, many in wheelchairs, in a spacious warehouse-like setting with large windows allowing in daylight. It's crowded, emphasizing the setting's capacity. The phrase "Warehousing Disabled People ?!" is in the upper middle part of the image, suggesting a critical view on the treatment of disabled people,  relating to institutional care and social inclusion. The term "warehousing" highlights a negative view, that individuals are being inappropriately stored or treated as inventory rather than being treated with dignity and choice.

Act now to protect the rights of Disabled people in Bristol!

The "Fair and Affordable Care" policy proposed by Bristol Council might deny Disabled people the support they need to live independently in their homes.  Use our easy-to-follow template to voice your concerns to your local councillor. Stand up for dignity, choice, and independent living. Make a difference today - your voice matters!

PLEASE NOTE: This campaign will only work for those who reside, study or work in Bristol
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