Our students' teachers deserve fairness

A bill is being circulated that threatens teachers’ rights to access the statutory grievance procedure that includes review by an impartial hearing officer.

Take Action Now Against This Unfair Measure!

Current law requires local government units, including school boards, to have grievance procedures in place that address employee terminations, employee discipline and workplace safety. The proposed change would essentially preclude access to the grievance procedure for teacher nonrenewals and any form of discipline where there is not a financial consequence – such as a letter of reprimand.  

The current laws governing grievances and nonrenewals provide separate and independent rights. Under the nonrenewal law, that applies only to full-time teachers, teachers have the right to a private conference with the school board prior to a decision to nonrenew. Under the grievance statute, employees must have access to a review process after a decision has been made, including a hearing before an impartial hearing officer, which allows the employee additional time and opportunity to prepare and submit testimony and evidence related to the nonrenewal.  Therefore, it is critical that the legislature allow teachers access to both procedures.

Allowing teachers who have been nonrenewed access to the grievance procedure is crucial considering the stigma associated with nonrenewal. School district employers make hiring decisions based upon whether an applicant has been nonrenewed. Applicants for teaching positions posted on the Wisconsin Education Career Access Network (WECAN) are required to complete the WECAN Standard Application which asks: “Have you ever been non-renewed for reasons other than budgetary or program elimination?” Being nonrenewed suggests a teacher’s employment was ended for performance reasons or misconduct, and affects that teacher’s future employability. Thus, access to the grievance procedure is vital.

The proposed change to the statutory grievance procedure would create a number of inequitable situations. Unfair procedures for teachers impact students in the form of low morale and will only worsen the teacher shortage. Tell the legislators sponsoring the proposal that Wisconsin teachers deserve fairness!