Pass Amendment #1 So No Eligible Incarcerated Voter is Left Behind

Election reform is moving NOW - and we need to pass the strongest possible jail-based voting reform to ensure that no eligible incarcerated voter is denied their constitutional right to vote. Will you write your Senator and urge them to support Amendment #1?

De-facto, or jail-based disenfranchisement strips those disproportionately Black and Brown communities impacted by incarceration of their political power. It’s effect reaches even further than those 7-9,000 it directly disenfranchises: corrections officers often tell incarcerated people that they have permanently lost the right to vote, leaving untold numbers of returning citizens afraid to participate after release.

We must hold Sheriffs and the Department of Corrections accountable -- passing Amendment #1 will do just that, and help protect the political voice of our communities on the inside. We also thank Senators Chang-Diaz, Rausch, and Eldridge, who have filed additional amendments to strengthen access behind the wall, and long lead on these issues.

Will you write your Senator today?

Letter Campaign by
Elijah Patterson
Roxbury, Massachusetts
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