Pass Clean Energy Jobs Act Now!

Storms are becoming more intense. Sea levels are rising. Disastrous wildfires are destroying record acreage (2.5 million this year) and impairing air quality over multistate regions. Climate change and COVID-19 are causing unprecedented public health and economic crises, so there is no time to wait for a cleaner, healthier, more affordable energy. We must tell our politicians that we demand that Illinois pass the Clean Energy Jobs Act now and to ensure the decarbonization of Illinois, prioritizing environmental justice communities!

The Clean Energy Jobs Act will:

  • Put jobs and equity at the center of a clean energy future, creating well-paying jobs in the communities where they are needed the most

  • Guarantee cost savings on electricity bills for consumers through capacity market reform

  • Put Illinois on a path to 100% renewable energy by 2050 by taking advantage of the falling cost of wind and solar power and focusing on energy efficiency

  • Provide a just transition for fossil fuel workers and communities like Waukegan

  • Reduce air and water pollution from the fossil fuel industry

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