Emergency Paid Sick Time is Essential!


Good news - Emergency Paid Sick Time (H.4700 / S.2701) has been cosponsored by a majority of our State Representatives and Senators! But our work is far from done, your legislators need to hear from you asap. Whether they have already cosponsored our legislation or are not official cosponsors, they can take further action by advocating that members of leadership in their chamber prioritize this legislation and take action to pass it.

Especially as we begin to discuss re-opening our commonwealth in a responsible, gradual fashion, we need to come together and ensure the health and safety of our communities. In order to ensure that all those who feel sick or may have been exposed to COVID-19 stay home and avoid exposing others to the virus, all workers must have the ability to miss work to care for themselves or their family, without losing the pay they need to make ends meet.

Low-wage workers are our first line of defense against COVID-19, but they are feeling the greatest economic impact of the outbreak. Healthcare and long-term care workers, janitorial workers, food service workers, child care workers, municipal workers, adjunct faculty, gig workers, and others on the front lines are critical to supporting our communities during the outbreak. Women, people of color, and immigrants are all overrepresented in frontline occupations and industries.

Our Emergency Paid Sick Time legislation would provide ten additional work-days (80 hours) of job-protected paid sick time for immediate use during the COVID-19 outbreak. This Emergency Paid Sick Time would be available to employees not covered by the federal Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA)’s paid sick time provisions including workers at companies with more than 500 employees, and many employees of health care and residential facilities. Workers taking Emergency Paid Sick Time would be paid by their employers at their regular rate of pay, up to a maximum of $850/week. Employers would then be fully reimbursed by the state.

Please let us know how your email or phone conversation with your legislator went by emailing info@raiseupma.org, or by calling / texting 857-242-0412.

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