Patients Over Profits House


As for-profit insurance companies are cashing in by denying care, and Big Pharma keeps putting profits above patients and Republicans keep undermining existing health programs, Americans are reaching the breaking point. With tens of millions of us uninsured or underinsured, and all of us facing life-threatening shortages in critical medications, the political tide has turned on health care.

Senator Bernie Sanders became the most popular politician in America by advocating for "single-payer" / expanded and improved Medicare for all. America is ready for this needed reform.

There is a well-drafted health reform bill in the House (Rep. Keith Ellison's H.R. 676), and Sen. Sanders introduced a similar bill in the Senate. Contact your elected officials—Republicans and Democrats alike. Tell them expanded and improved Medicare for all would save American lives and save tax payers' and employers' money, leading to better health outcomes and great economic prosperity.

Thank you for taking action. It's time to make sure all Americans have the health care services and medications we need and deserve.