Performance Based Funding

Email Your Legislators!
Say no to performance based funding

A provision in the governor’s budget bill maintains current law that 30% of state funding for technical colleges is tied to performance based criteria. The governor’s proposal also makes the performance based criteria more narrow and rigid, with no college choice of criteria to be used

The 16 colleges in the Wisconsin Technical College system have diverse communities, student populations and program mixes. Reducing flexibility in meeting the performance based criteria will likely be harmful to many of the colleges.

Moreover, performance based funding is already hurting the largest technical colleges the most because past funding was based on total student population and they have lost significant dollars under this program. The largest technical colleges also have the most diverse populations attending their colleges; therefore, this program hurts people who can afford it the least.

Send a letter to your legislators and ask them to remove language from the state budget that reduces flexibility in meeting performance based criteria for state funding and reduce or eliminate the percentage of funding linked to these criteria.