Promises Made, Promises Broken: Stop the Constitutional Convention

While your unions fight to protect your freedoms, legislators continue to say one thing while doing another. Contrary to promises made once the Convention convenes, anything and everything is open for debate–funding for public education, the homestead exemption, retirement for teachers and public employees and a host of other items safeguarded by the Constitution.

This week, the governor said during an event that if lawmakers are able to revise the constitution, they could unlock funding to cover the potentially huge cost of ESA programs, which could include the school funding formula.

An article by Jeremy Alford highlights Governor Landry's chosen delegates have emphasized that "nothing is off the table" once the convention commences. Lane Grigsby, the Cajun Industries founder who Gov. Landry has also put forward as a potential delegate, said, “The amendments don’t add anything to the argument. They just give some people more comfort in terms of being able to vote for having a convention...They’re going to make the rules in committee.”

ACT NOW: Write your senator and urge them to vote no on HB 800

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