Protect Artisanal Hemp Farming


This 2019 growing season about 100 small farmers in Massachusetts were granted licenses to grow hemp. Almost all of them are growing a crop to be processed for hemp-derived cannabinoids (ie. “CBD”). On June 12th, after farmers had already invested in and planted their crop, they learned from a policy statement that Governor Baker’s administration is prohibiting the sale of foods and other “consumables” containing “CBD” as well as banning the sale of whole flower. These are both desirable and high-valued artisanal products which help small farms to compete with a large commodity market. Massachusetts farms are small farms. Without an artisanal market, they will struggle to compete long-term against large scale agricultural states.

People were consuming hemp for thousands of years before it was banned for a few decades.

The Commonwealth today continues to defy the federal government on “marijuana,” but for some reason the administration is cracking down on its non-psychoactive cousin (now a federally legal crop), threatening a growing local agricultural economy.  

Get involved: Contact your state legislators and ask for a “legislative solution to Governor Baker’s hemp product ban.” We need them to pass Rep. Cusack’s hemp bill (H.4001) or similar legislation by the end of the calendar year (harvest is in October!).

Join/support the hemp policy coalition working group.  

Are you a hemp farmer impacted by this? Join us at the hearing.