Protect Big Ten International Students

We are writing to you today as student leaders of the fourteen Big Ten institutions. We are appalled by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency’s decision to put international students at risk of deportation if their institution operates online during the upcoming academic year. We firmly stand with our international peers; international students and scholars are essential to our campus communities. This policy is unfair and cruel to the thousands of international students who have chosen to study at our respective institutions.

Therefore, we ask that Congress intervene and take action to protect international students during times of extreme vulnerability. The decision ICE has made will only dissuade the brightest minds from attending our universities. In the Big Ten, we welcome, encourage, and support all students from around the world in their learning and research environments. We demand that our government share that sentiment. As a nation, we must stand boldly in the belief that all international students are welcome to learn, research, and thrive at our universities.

Letter Campaign by
Becca Cowin
Minneapolis, Minnesota